Unit 2
A Battle of the Three Masters
Unit goals:
Learn principles and schemes of development spontaneous mother cultures.
Learn to compare the effect of different starter cultures on the properties of dough
and on the organoleptic characteristics of bread.
Learn how to taste bread professionally,
evaluate the appearance, crumb texture, taste, aroma.
Watch the video "Sourdough. Part 2: Commercial and spontaneous starters. Principles and schemes for development mother cultures"
Download presentation and do the self-assesment test
Go to theory
Watch the video instruction "A Battle of the Three Masters".
Do practical assignments
Analyze results
Complete reports and get feedback
Go to practice
For the most inquisitive.
Video with Jeffry Hamelman about the starter (sourdough) generation (behavior) and application of the starter (sourdough) residues
Go to additional materials page
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